PhD-Level Critical Review & Consultation

Imagine having an accomplished PhD review your dissertation or guide you step-by-step through the entire development process. This is exactly what I do for my clients.

I specialize in comprehensive dissertation coaching and critical review to make the dissertation-writing process as efficient as possible. Critical review and feedback is included free of charge with most editing orders or can be ordered separately at an hourly fee. I know the dissertation process and I will ensure that your dissertation is well conceived, written effectively, and ultimately approved by your committee.

My dissertation consultation and tutoring services are available in written form or by phone, Skype, or in-person. Please contact me directly for a free consultation and price quote.

Common issues addressed through critical review include:

-Conceptualization and planning
-Reviewing and critiquing sources
-Structure and logical flow
-Thesis development
-Articulation, argumentation, and clarity
-Research analysis
-Validity and applicability
-Statistical analysis
-Plagiarism check

Why Choose Dr. Richard J. Sands, MBA CSSLBB?

1. PhD: I have earned my PhD and know what it takes to get a dissertation approved.

2. Experience: I have years of professional experience tutoring and mentoring doctoral candidates and graduate students just like you.

3. One-on-One Help: I will guide you through each and every step of the research and writing process.

4. Flexible Scheduling Options, including evenings and weekends.

5. High Quality Deliverables.

Referral Program

Referral Rewards: Refer Clients, Get Paid!

My referral-rewards program can put money back into your pocket for each and every paying client that you refer to me. There is no purchase requirement for you to take advantage of this program.

Here’s how it works

  • $25.00 paid to you for referring a new client who purchases any of my editing, formatting, or consultation services. There is no limit to the number of clients you may refer—you’ll receive $25.00 for each and every one of them.
  • $50.00 paid to you for referring any new client who makes a purchase order of $500.00 or more. Again, there is no limit to the number of clients you may refer.
  • $100.00 discount off your next purchase of $750.00 or more for referring any new client who makes a purchase of $500.00 or more. Again, there is no limit to the number of clients you may refer or the number of times you can take advantage of this reward.

So, what’s the catch?

Well, there is no catch, but we do have a few very understandable limitations:

  • You may only be rewarded one time (either $25.00, $50.00, or the $100.00 discount) per referred client.
  • The referred client must be a new client who has not already contacted us previously via phone or email.
  • All reward payments to you will be paid via PayPal. Standard PayPal fees apply—i.e. PayPal typically skims between 2.2% and 2.8% from any transaction. (Please contact PayPal directly if you have any questions about transactions fees.)
  • If, for any reason, the payment made by your referred client is refunded, cancelled, or otherwise voided, all amounts paid to you for referring that client will be reversed.

That’s it! So, please go tell your friends, family, and colleagues about my great dissertation editing, formatting, and consultation service and I will gladly reward you!